Take a look at the upcoming motorcycle events, festivals and meet-ups

With spring - apparently - upon us, and summer around the corner, we take a look at the motorcycle events, meet-ups and festivals that are coming up.

motorcycle meet-up.

THE weather is warming up. Well, it is supposed to be warming up, anyway, and that means we are edging towards prime riding season.

It also means that more motorcycle festivals, meet-ups and other such events are creeping closer from over the horizon. 

Starting with this weekend, on Saturday 2 April 2022 the TTT Motorcycle Village in Sudbury will be hosting its “Welcome to 2022” event, which will be their first event of the year, and will include food and live music, as well as being the final stop on the Black Shuck MCC’s Easter egg hunt. 

Then, on Sunday 3 April 2022, there is the Motolegends British Biking event. This will be the first of a series of Motolegends events aimed at celebrating bikes from different countries. Upcoming dates include German bikes in May, Japanese in June, American in July and Italian in August, the seventh to be specific.

Full details of the Motolegends events can be found here

Since the Suzuka 8 Hour will take place on 7 August this year - back in August for the first time since the Covid pandemic prevented the race from taking place - it is quite ironic that the Italian-themed event should be on that day. Perhaps Japan would be more fitting, but the author here is somewhat racing-centric so suffers from such pointless biases.

Anyway, April leads into May, when we have the inaugural Mancunia Motorcycle Festival, displaying bikes, beer, barbers and all manner of other things not necessarily beginning with the letter “b”.

The Manchester-based show will take place at Depot Mayfield, and feature bikes from official manufacturers, as well as independent custom builders. 

You can check out the full Visordown calendar of motorcycle shows and events here.