Swedes are best when it comes to Customs

Sturgis plays host to world's best custom bikes

The world's best custom ... Hulster 8-valve

SWEDEN isn't a country you'd normally associate with biking, but custom bike builder, SE Service, based in Sweden have just won the Custom Bike Building World Championships, seeing off over 20 other entrants from 10 countries.

The bike is a speedway inspired board tracked, named Hulster 8-valve.

Built by Stellan Egeland, the bike features hand made cylinders and heads on a Knucklehead bottom end. The unique engine features three-valve cylinder heads, with cooling fins filed by hand and ports that have been manually cut, drilled and filed to shape. The cylinders are cast in bronze and the heads in aluminum. The cylinder heads are semi-radial, where no less than three exhaust rockers are needed to operate the valves that point 45 degrees away from each other. The Hulster uses a Norton gearbox.

You can view a quick movie of the Hulster, here