Suzuki GSX-S950 Gets New Colours for 2024

The Suzuki GSX-S950 four-cylinder naked has gained a new selection of colours for the 2024 model year

Suzukii GSX-S950

For 2024, the long-standing Suzuki GSX-S950 is updated with a selection of new colours.

Specifically, three new paint options have been introduced for the GSX-S950 in 2024, with a new silver and dark red option, as well as an updated Metallic Triton Blue choice and a stealth all-black version. 

Still coming in at £10,599, the GSX-S950 is a pretty unusual motorcycle, in that it is essentially a power-limited GSX-S1000 that you can pick up for £1,200 less than the latter. The GSX-S950 has a swingarm derived from and inspired by the most recent edition of the GSX-R1000, and uses essentially the same motor as the GSX-S1000, which is derived, again, from the one-litre GSX-R.

But, on the GSX-S950, the power is limited to 94bhp, which allows it to be A2-eligible when its power is further restricted to 47bhp. There aren’t too many Japanese one-litre (more or less) four-cylinder bikes around that you can ride on an A2 licence, hence the peculiarity of this particular model, whose peak torque is still pretty punchy at 68lb ft.

The GSX-S950 also comes with a range of electronic aids and features, including low RPM assist and traction control, and also features a ride-by-wire throttle.

Certainly, the GSX-S950 is not the most immediately cost-effective way of making use of your A2 motorcycle licence, especially when you can get a brand-spanking Honda CB500 Hornet for a little more than half the price (£6,199), but with the Suzuki all you have to do once you graduate from A2 to A is derestrict your bike, rather than sell your 500cc bike for a 1,000 as is the case of the Honda.

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