Custom Motorcycle Embellished With ‘Body Parts’...

A custom motorcycle has been built that includes a number of custom parts that were once used to put injured bikers back together


National Highways and its BikerTek road safety campaign have revealed a motorcycle to be shown at motorcycle events to help drive home the message of safer riding.

It features a lightly customised Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with custom paint and distinctive ‘BikerTek’ decals on the fuel tank. The interesting element of the bike comes in the form of several titanium parts that have been used to embellish the bike.

Titanium use in motorcycles isn’t uncommon, with many brands, such as Akrapovic, utilising the lightweight material for things like exhausts and other parts required to increase performance. The titanium parts used in this Interceptor, though, are slightly more unusual, and you won’t be finding them on the shelf of your local bike dealership.

They are medical-grade titanium items which are the same kind used to help riders get back on their feet/bike if they have broken their bones in a crash. They include things like bone and spinal braces, and the kickstand of the bike seems to resemble a prosthetic hip joint!

Helping to drive home the message behind the bike is a team of bikers that have, and will continue to, tour the country's bike shows and events with the custom machine, and each member of the team has the exact same prosthetics fitted to them as a result of a motorcycle accident.

The bike was built by the well-known custom bike maker Old Empire Motorcycles, with the builder of the bike, Sam Evans, saying that using such parts was not something he’d experienced before. 

“It’s great to be a part of something that’s got real meaning behind it,” he says. “It’s definitely a first for me.”

“In some ways the added parts are quite clinical in appearance. I wanted these to become a natural part of the framework, so it all fits together and both looks and feels organic.”