Surrey gardener finds wartime motorcycle buried in garden

A Surrey homeowner is left baffled after finding what he believes is a wartime motorcycle buried in his garden

Motorcycle Buried in hole in Surrey

A Surrey resident has found what he believes is a wartime motorcycle buried in an old well in his back garden.

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Mr Dell was digging around in his neighbour’s garden trying to get to the bottom of a water leak when he came across what he believes is the frame of a vintage motorcycle.

While the image of the ‘bike’ gives little away in regard to the make model or even year of the bikes, the chances of it actually being one is quite high.

A few years prior to the discovery, a stranger arrived enquiring about a motorcycle that he knew of that had been buried in a well within the vicinity of Mr Dell’s home.

Aside from finding the bike, the garden owner also posses a world-class pointing technique!

Speaking to SurreyLive, he said:

“A chap came maybe a couple or three years ago enquiring about it. He came from Hampshire. We did not know anything about it, but he turned up one day and started to talk about how a motorcycle was buried in or on a well in this area, but wasn’t sure exactly where. That is all I knew, but I found it about a week or so ago.

“The reason why I have been digging it up is my neighbour was having a garden party and noticed the large hole in the ground that turned out to be an ants' nest. But while digging it up we came across the bike. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of the conversation I had with the man all that time ago. The hole is about two foot deep.”

Mr Dell and his neighbour are now asking for help tracing the man that called about the bike, as they try and piece together how, and why, the bike came to be buried in this quite part of suburbia.

Pictures from SurreyLive