Sloane Street stuntman - don't give up the day job

Vest-wearing R1 rider questioned by police after wheelies in central London

VIDEO footage shows an R1 rider doing stunts on London’s Sloane Street before getting stopped by police.

The unnamed man was filmed by a bystander performing wheelies and burnouts at the famous shopping destination in Knightsbridge, central London, on Saturday evening.

Wearing a vest for protection, he looked deflated when police arrived to question him.

Perhaps they were giving him a lecture on how to wheelie properly – judging by the video, he could do with one.

An eyewitness said: "He was doing this on a busy road with lots of people around. Drivers and pedestrians were definitely not impressed. He must have got up to 80mph easily at some points.

“That’s a very powerful bike and it was a busy time of day in traffic.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police received a report of a motorcyclist riding erratically on Sloane Street at approximately 19.30 on August 3.

"Officers spoke to the man and no further action was taken and there were no arrests."