Hit-and-run driver chased and caught by motorcyclists

Dramatic footage shows Range Rover driver chased after twice ploughing into riders at a rally

VIDEO has emerged of a hit-and-run driver being pursued and caught by motorcyclists after apparently ploughing through a crowd of them.

Footage shows, Alexien Lien, 33, twice driving into motorcyclists on a rally in New York City on Sunday.

The Range Rover driver is eventually forced to stop in traffic and one rider immediately drops his bike and smashes the driver’s window with his helmet. 

According to police, Lien says a large number of motorcyclists were riding “erratically” and he “accidentally collided with one” before they began to pursue him.

Lien’s five-month-old child was in the back of the car and his wife in the passenger seat.

At the beginning of the six-minute clip, one rider brakes heavily in front of the car, forcing it to stop. A number of riders then stop in front of Lien, but he ploughs through them and speeds off.

The riders continue their pursuit and bring Lien to standstill by forcing a car in front of him to stop. But as one rider tries to open the door, the car in front moves and Lien again drives into a motorcyclist blocking his path.

Lien speeds off again, heading north on route 95 towards the Cross Bronx Expressway but is forced to stop by heavy traffic after taking the W 176 SI into a built-up area.

Without pausing to put his adventure bike on its stand, one rider then smashes Lien’s window with his helmet while another punches a rear window.

An NYPD spokesman said Lien was taken to hospital and treated for lacerations to his face and body. He said there were no other reported injuries in the incident and a report that one rider was killed was untrue. He said no one had been arrested and police were sill investigated.

The video was posted yesterday on LiveLeak.com by user GIXXARDR, from Melbourne, Australia. It has since been posted on YouTube.

The clip has attracted many comments in support of Lien. Brian Connelly says: ‘Whole biker pack needs to be sent to prison.’

But Sam Flynn says: 'If he actually got out of the car to check on whoever he ran over & called for an ambulance, he wouldn't have been able to escape, but he wouldn't have been attacked either.'