Singapore moves to completely ban old motorcycles from their roads by 2028

In 2023, Singapore will introduce stricter emissions regulations on old motorcycles - with a 3500 SGD (£1850) bonus to those who de-register theirs sooner.

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SINGAPORE has made a massive statement of intent to curb emissions in the island nation, by completely banning old motorcycles (registered pre 1st July 2003) from their roads in 2028. 

Until that date, and starting from April 1st 2023, stricter noise standards (equivalent to Euro 4) will be adopted, which we are more than familiar with in the UK. Of course, we’re now at Euro 5. This is in line with the UN (United Nations) standards for emissions and exhaust noise levels, levels which are much stricter than those currently in place in the small island nation in Southeast Asia. 

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Those who run older motorcycles will be forced to comply with the new regulations starting in 2023 up until 2028, at which time they will be forced off the road for good. In this time, machines on the road will have to meet exhaust emissions standards quoted as 4.5% CO & 2,000 ppm unburned hydrocarbons (HC value). Achievable for a well-kept motor. 

It’s not all bad news, mind - the Singapore government are offering an incentive to de-register old motorcycles before the 5th April 2023, to the tune of S$3,500, which is around £1,850. It’s proved fairly popular, as 60% of the 27,000 affected vehicles have already been de-registered. 

Classic motorcycles to be banned in Singapore by 2028

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I’ve done the maths, and that is S$ 56,700,000 supposedly paid out in early incentive bonuses to 16,200 motorists, around £30 million. That’s not to buy the vehicle or scrap it, either - it’s just to de-register it!

With the recent news of ULEZ potentially expanding to a much larger zone, it seems like the net is being reeled in for older vehicles… make use of them whilst you still can, I say. After that, I suppose we truly enter the electric era.