Ryan Capes: I’ll do 350ft jump

Head-to-head jump-off featuring the world's best on March 29th

RYAN CAPES (no relation to Geoff) has issued a strong warning to long-jump rival Robbie Maddison: “I can do a 350ft jump.”

On March 29, Capes will make the trip to Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway for what is being billed as the greatest event in extreme sports history. Capes, Maddison (who recently jumped 322ft for a new world record) and Seth Enslow will go head-to-head in a jump-off.

Capes – a jumping specialist – said he had already unofficially broken the record before Maddison’s New Years Eve jump and cannot wait for the opportunity to unleash himself down the massive 165ft ramp which will be specially built for the Crusty Demons Night of World Records.

Capes said: “I know Robbie and Seth are out there saying they will break the 320ft mark. If that is what those guys are aiming for, I’m going to blow them away. I don’t care how far they think they can jump – I can jump further. If they go 330ft – I’ll go 350 – it doesn’t matter I am the distance jumping king.

“At the end of the day, I am a jumping specialist and jumping is what I do. I believe this experience will speak louder than words when the event on March 29 goes down in history as the day I broke the record for the longest distance motorbike jump.”