Royal Enfield issue recall for three models

Royal Enfield has issued a recall for three models over braking system corrosion issue

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

ROYAL ENFIELD has issued a product recall that causes the brakes to sound unusual and in some cases malfunction.

The recall affects the 650 twin-cylinder Interceptor and Continental GT and the Himalayan adventure motorcycle.

It relates to the possibility of corrosion building on the brake caliper that can cause the brakes to sound unusual and in more severe cases can increase brake drag and action.

It’s caused by certain types of salt that can be used to help prevent ice on roads, and will require a new caliper to remedy the situation.

Bike sold in the UK, Europe and Korea are affected by the recall, with around 15,200 bike needing attention.

Royal Enfield released the below statement regarding the matter:

Royal Enfield has discovered a brake caliper corrosion-related issue in a very small number of motorcycles

in some specific countries. Upon investigation, it was revealed that this corrosion is brought about by

sustained, long-term exposure to riding on roads treated with certain salts, or a combination of salts, to

prevent the formation of ice during winters.

This corrosion causes damage to the brake caliper piston bore and assemblies, and can result in unusual

braking sound, increased brake drag, and may impact braking action.

While this issue has been reported only in a small number of cases, Royal Enfield has decided to undertake

a proactive, safety-related service action on the Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650 and Himalayan

motorcycles sold across geographies where certain salts are used to treat roads, and can potentially cause

damage to the brake caliper assemblies.

This is a precautionary service intervention, and will be undertaken across the UK and the rest of Europe,

Korea. With immediate effect, around 15,200 motorcycles sold in these markets will be called in for

inspection, cleaning and part replacement, if required. In a later phase of the service action, as a

preventive measure, the caliper assemblies on these motorcycles will be replaced with the improved part,

before the end of this year.

We would like to reiterate that the 650 Twin motorcycles, the Himalayan are rigorously tested to global

validation standards of quality and durability. The safety of our riders is of prime importance to us at Royal

Enfield and we are deeply committed to the duty of care to all our customers. We are committed to swiftly

implement the service action, and customers will be contacted through respective local dealerships.

Royal Enfield and its authorised distributors will work closely with local authorities on the next steps to

ensure the swift and comprehensive rectification of this issue.

For more information, please get in touch with your local Royal Enfield dealership.