Ronnie Pickering round-up

Who is Ronnie Pickering? Are you serious?

WHO is Ronnie Pickering? Millions have found out in the last couple of days thanks to the former amateur boxer’s row with a scooter rider.  

If you haven’t seen the road rage incident, you can watch it here

But it’s the dozens of subsequent YouTube parodies that have made ‘One Punch Ronnie’ more famous – and hilarious – than he probably could have imagined.

The angry Hull fighter can now be heard shouting his name over clips from Star Wars, Spiderman and Spartacus

He features in songs from the Spice Girls, Carly Rae Jepsen and Christina Perri.

A few of the funniest have been brought together in a mash-up by BBC Newsnight

One Punch has even been challenged to a fight by another YouTube user calling himself ‘The Dodger’. One viewer comments: ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO RONNIE PICKERING IS!?!?’

We do now. 

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