Riding with a mask under your helmet could lead to blackouts

A motorcycle riding surgeon has spoken out about the use of face masks while riding a motorcycle

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WITH many regions of the world now looking to move back to some semblance of normality after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s only natural that the public will want to try and protect themselves and their family from further contagion.

Businesses are now beginning to trade again, and motorcycle dealerships are also starting to roll up the shutters and accept customers once more.

With many nations requiring face masks to be used when out and about, one motorcycle riding surgeon has spoken out against the use of them while riding a motorcycle.

Dr. Tommy Lim has advised bikers to proceed with caution when using face masks under full-face and modular motorcycle helmets. He advises that the material that is used to filter out particles before they enter the lungs could cause riders to take on too little oxygen and potentially cause them to blackout.

While riding a bike, adrenalin will begin circulating the rider’s body, elevating their heart rate and increasing the amount of oxygen the rider needs to take in. In circumstances such as this, the restrictive nature of a surgical type face mask could prevent the rider from taking on enough oxygen and potentially lead to the rider passing out.

“Surgical masks restrict your breathing. This can be fatal at high speeds when your adrenalin kicks in. Adrenalin will cause your heartbeat to double depending on your speed. This, in effect, will make you breathe faster and these masks will restrict your breathing and give your heart a hard time. Next, your brain will also suffer due to lack of oxygen until you blackout.”

With the UK and Europe currently seeing high temperatures and open roads once more for most riders, the danger is doubled as heat and humidity can also increase a person’s resting heart rate and oxygen intake.

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