Rider given 12-month ban after being caught speeding at 150mph by own camera

A man has been given a driving ban of 12 months for speeding, riding his motorcycle at speeds of up to 150mph on public roads

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A man has been banned from driving for 12 months and given 200 hours of community service after he was caught - by himself, effectively - wheelieing his motorcycle and riding at a speed of 150mph. 

24-year-old Jack Godfrey, from Basildon, was riding along the A130 road in Essex when he was initially picked up by police for incorrect sizing of the characters on his number plate.

Godfrey was then observed by the tailing officers to be undertaking vehicles. When he was eventually stopped, police discovered he was using a camera, which had recorded his ride to that point. 

The dashcam footage, published by Sky News and viewable above, shows riding that is outright dangerous, as Godfrey pulled wheelies and rode at speeds of up to an estimated 150mph. At one point, Godfrey out-brakes himself coming to a roundabout, which was fortunately empty, stops at the kerb, backs up, and then weaves between the two cars that got ahead of him as he overshot. 

As stupid as it is to be doing wheelies at 150mph on the public road, it is probably even more stupid to record it on your own camera which in this case was obtained by the police, making their job a whole lot easier. It feels not too dissimilar to Rishi Sunak posting on his own social media accounts a video of himself riding in a car without his seatbelt on.

Godfrey admitted to dangerous driving upon being shown his own dashcam footage during a police interview. Constable Danny Wheeler led the investigation, and said “The footage was horrific, so much so that, during the interview, the rider admitted that even he was shocked by it and admitted he'd been foolish."

Godfrey was given a 12-month driving ban in addition to 200 hours of community service.

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