European plan for different speed limits for motorcycles scrapped

A proposal in the European Parliament that would have meant different speed limits for motorcycles compared to cars has been abandoned

21YM honda CB125F

A European proposal to place different speed limits on motorcycles compared to cars has been abandoned.

The plan, tabled by Rapporteur Karima Delli MEP earlier this year, was rejected by the European Parliament earlier in December. 

Had it passed, it would have implemented a speed limit system that would have given different limits to motorcycles than cars, via different limits for holders of different motorcycle licences. For example, a rider with an A1 licence would be restricted to no more than 90kph (56mph), A2 to no more than 100kph (62mph), and A to no more than 110kph (68mph).

The idea was that less experienced riders would be limited to lower speeds and therefore would be at less risk on the road compared to the current standard where all motorcycles - and vehicles for that matter - adhere to the same speed limit. 

However, the Secretary General of the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA), Tim Waal, described the proposals as “ridiculous and dangerous,” and said that they would discourage people from riding scooters and motorcycles.

After the rejection of the proposals, Mr. Waal said: “This is a major victory for the European motorcyclists’ lobby. Different speeds for different licence holders is the most ridiculous and dangerous proposal I have heard in a long time. This would not only discourage a lot of road users to switch to powered two-wheelers, it would also put motorcyclists in an unacceptable unsafe situation. A victory like this once again proves how important it is to have strong motorcyclists’ organisations throughout Europe.”

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