Retro bike game set for a mobile near you

It's a new but old skool bike game to play while you complete your daily download

Retro bike game set for a mobile near you

A new/old bike game is set to invade your precious toilet time on April 14 as Retro Highway will give you an even better excuse to spend extra minutes downloading...

In the spirit of classic arcade games like Hang-On and the slightly-dubious Road Rash, Retro Highway is a challenge-based affair.

"You score points and coins while trying to complete challenges the game throws at you until crashing into something. In between races, you unlock new bikes and upgrade powerups. Once you complete enough challenges, you open the next stage. The first area is meant to acquaint players with the controls and mechanics, things get a lot more difficult and hectic after that," said a spokescat for Dumbass Games, or someone.

"It's a more modern-style type of progression that's a nice fit for a mobile game, especially with a roster of 10+ unlockable bikes and upgradeable power-ups."

It will be available on IoS and Android...