RELIEF! The National Motorcycle Museum is NOT closing

Despite some fears arising of the National Motorcycle Museum in the UK preparing for closure, it is in fact remaining open.

National Motorcycle Museum Raffle

An unfortunate communication from America has resulted in confusion over the future of the National Motorcycle Museum. 

The first fact to establish is that the National Motorcycle Museum located in Solihull, in England, is not closing.

The second fact to establish is that a museum named the ‘National Motorcycle Museum’ is closing. However, it is a different ‘National Motorcycle Museum’ to that located in Solihull. 

Instead, the National Motorcycle Museum which is closing is located in Anamosa, Iowa, in the US. Very much not in Solihull. 

While it is certainly regrettable that the US National Motorcycle Museum is closing, its closing has no effect on the operations or the future of the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum, which, presumably, we can all agree is information of monumental comfort. 

It is also certain to say that while the distressed messages directed towards the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum were sent - effectively - meaninglessly, they were a sign that there remains a great passion and support for the Museum here in the UK.

Additionally, it can only be described as a great relief for us here in the UK that the National Motorcycle Museum is not closing, as it is a staple of the nation’s motorcycling community and holds an unquestionably prestigious status within the UK’s motorcycle landscape.

Surely, it is agreeable to say that we only look forward with even greater fervour than ever before to discovering information about the National Motorcycle Museum’s upcoming events in 2023. In a time of such significant change in the motorcycling world, the importance of the Museum, and the history it displays, is surely only amplified.

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