Prince William and Harry to bike across Africa

Royal duo to raise money for Lesotho AIDS victims

Royal Princes to bike across Africa

IT SEEMS that it’s not just the average middle-aged bank manager who lusts after the bit of manufactured ‘excitement’ served up on a Sunday afternoon by McGregor and Boorman – Princes William and Harry are, apparently, planning a Long Way Down of their own.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the madcap monarchs who really are great bike loving chaps (no, really...) are planning a 1000-mile jaunt across the punishing African continent.

Prince William is well known among the two-wheeled community as a biker, having been pictured on a couple of Triumphs and a Honda Blackbird before.

The trip is reported as being the madcap Harry’s idea though, as a way for funds to be raised for his charity Sentebale, which helps orphans and AIDS victims in Lesotho, Africa.

Harry has recently had training in riding motorcycles as part of his conditioning to become an Army officer. Concerned parties say that the route will have to take in areas of questionable safety and that the idea could spark a bill of more than £100,000 alone in security costs. According to a source in the Mail, the princes will need at least six protection officers with them for the trip.

Speaking in the Mail, a friend of the brothers is reported as saying:

"William is a keen motorcyclist and he couldn't turn down the invitation from Harry. The trip is currently being planned. The regiment has granted them leave."

We’ll believe it when we see it. Tally Ho, chaps – what a wizard wheeze, eh?