Police hunt another stupid YouTube biker

150mph Brit biker wanted by police after posting video showing 13 miles of ton-plus speeding

LET’S be realists here – we all speed. It’s part and parcel of being a modern motorcyclist, but to film yourself doing it then posting on YouTube is about as stupid as it’s possible to get.

And so it is that police are hunting a biker who weaved between traffic at almost 150mph and then posted the footage on the internet, probably as some sort of compensation for something.

Officers from Sussex Police have begun an investigation to find the rider who filmed himself travelling 13 miles on the A27 from Shoreham to Lewes in just eight minutes.

The shocking YouTube video, which has a rock music soundtrack, shows the racing past other vehicles at speeds of up to 147mph on his CBR600. Sussex Police road policing unit casualty reduction officer Sergeant Paul Masterson said: "We are hoping to identify and deal with this particular rider. We are treating this very seriously because it is a ludicrous piece of riding on a busy main road."

Lewes MP Norman Baker said: "I hope the police identify him and prosecute. It is irresponsible to do double the national speed limit along any road."

So you’ve wound up the cops and got another MP to mouth off about how bad we all are. If you’re reading this, mystery biker – you’re a bloody moron.