Police biker died after hitting bump in road

Inquest hears how officer lost control of Honda ST1300 on training exercise

AN INQUEST into the death of a motorcycle police officer has heard that he crashed after hitting a bump in the road during a training exercise.

Allan Shaw, 33, from Greater Manchester Police, was killed on Crompton Way, Astley Bridge, Bolton, on 19 July 2006 while taking part in a police training practice session.

Witness Ian Hurst told Bolton Crown Court the officer was following two other officers on motorcycles when the crash happened, despite the road being cleared for use on the motorcycle training course.

Hurst said: "There's a distinctive hump on the intersection from Mossbank Way to Crompton Way and the motorcyclist hit the beginning of the hump. The motorcycle became airborne and when it landed the rider was still on the bike, but he seemed to lose control of it and was thrown off."

Greater Manchester Police said that Shaw had been riding a Honda Pan European ST1300, which is now not used by police motorcyclists.