Plans for 2022 Isle of Man TT to be unveiled after two years of cancellations

On the week the 2021 Isle of Man TT would have been held, a special broadcast will lay out plans to discuss plans for the 2022 Isle of Man TT festival

Isle of Man TT

Organisers for the Isle of Man TT are set to go public on plans to ensure the 2022 edition of the iconic road race goes ahead having been forced to cancel the motorcycle festival for two years running.

Later today [June 11 - Friday] bosses will participate in a one-off, hour-long show to discuss various developments and ideas in the pipeline to ensure the world’s biggest road racing festival powers back with a bang in 2022.

We have to go back to 2019 for the last time the Snaefell Circuit - aka. the famed and feared Mountain Course - boomed to the sound of Superbikes and more with the 2020 and 2021 events both cancelled due to COVID-19.

Had the event gone ahead we’d be deep into the 10 day festivities today, but instead the island has persevered without the event, which brings in a significant amount of revenue from the 60,000 or so visitors to the island, for two years straight.

The broadcast comes on the day the blue riband Senior TT would have been held had it gone ahead. Instead presenter Chris Cave will host a show to be broadcast at 19.00 that features a number of ‘special guests and familiar faces’, with a focus on the future - both for the TT and road racing generally - to be discussed.

Bikesportnews is also reporting the show will be used to announce a shake up of the race week format, as well as plans of how it will draw up a plan to ensure the TT can go ahead should COVID-19 still be a present threat in 12 months time.

Why was the Isle of Man TT cancelled?

While there were clear reasons for cancelling the 2020 Isle of Man TT since a decision had to be made quickly right in the heart of the virus’ sharp rise, there were higher hopes of the 2021 event going ahead.

However, bosses were obliged to make an early decision on this year’s event - in November 2020 - to give teams clarity on plans that would save them from having to reverse contracts or spend money on preparations.

At the time the UK was heading towards a prolonged third lockdown period, making it the only decision viable at that particular time. 

Moreover, though the TT brings in significant cash for the tiny island’s tourism industry, the potentially significant consequences of tens of thousands of people entering with symptoms had to be taken into account.