Petition launched to monitor ‘noisy’ motorcycles in Ludlow

A petition has been launched to ban motorcycles from Ludlow town centre causing noise monitoring to be put forward

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A petition into motorcycle noise has been spoken about by Ludlow Town Council after it garnered 100 signatures. The complaints could lead to noise monitoring in the town, and possibly a ban on motorcycles in the town centre.

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Shropshire Star reports that the town has been ‘blighted’ by excessive noise after groups of motorcycles rode around the town’s one-way system. This has raised concerns from NIMBY types relating to health and safety, the environment and alleged speeding.

Councillor Robin Pote said:

“This has been an ongoing thing for a very long time, and I have to say that in my opinion its nuisance value is greatly exaggerated. There is little to no evidence that the motorbikes are speeding around the town. I do accept they come in to be seen because they’re very proud of their bikes. It’s a public highway and, as far as I understand it, we have no authority over controlling whether these bikes come in or not.”

It seems that on this occasion, the small number of residents complaining about the noise are in the minority, with a group of local councillors backing the motorcyclists, and no doubt the revenue they bring to the town in these tough times.

One councillor also noted that the small Shropshire town also has a problem with so-called boy racers of the four-wheeled variety, and that noise monitoring would be a good thing to measure the problem with this group of road users too.

Visordown’s take on noisy motorcycles in Ludlow

There has been a lot of noise on social media and in the press recently regarding NIMBY types claiming that motorcycles infringe on their right to a quiet life, damage the environment, and ruin towns. Personally, I think that’s complete and utter horse s**t.

Take the bikes and the riders out of towns like Matlock and Ludlow, and see how well the cafes, shops, and pubs do then. They certainly won’t find it easy. Motorcycles don’t keep visitors away from these towns, therefore removing or banning them from riding there won’t attract more footfall.

The people pushing for these sort of measures are cutting their noses off to spite their faces, and it is only ‘their’ town and business that will suffer.