NIMBY forced to pay €6k after repeated complaints about motorcycle noise

A serial noise complainer in France has been ordered by a court to pay the Nogaro Circuit damages after his campaign of complaints against motorcycle racing noise!


EVERY village has to have an idiot, and if that village is near a race track, the idiot is probably going to complain about noise, normally from a motorcycle. Annoyingly, this is probably despite moving to the area after the circuit was built.

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It’s a common story and one that regularly crops up on Visordown and in the mainstream media. Now, the thing is, usually it’s the circuit that comes off worst, with either fines for noise or restrictions on the amount days the venue can operate. Either way, it’s normally not a good day for motorsport and those who want to enjoy their motorcycle in a safe environment.

But not this time, as a French court has actually ruled in favour of a circuit, and fined the person making the complaints! We need more judges like this.

The case centres around the Circuit Paul Armagnac, also called Circuit de Nogaro in southwestern France, and it’s not a new development. Le Repair Des Motards reports that the first complaint the resident made against the circuit was way back in 1999. He moved to the area in 1978, the circuit was built in 1960…

Nogaro circuit
Nogaro circuit

His fist complaint was for ‘abnormal neighborhood disturbance’, and it was rejected by the court. Then, in 2015 it’s reported that he tried to claim €100,000 in ‘loss of approval’ and €300,000 for ‘economic damage’. His claim was that the work carried out to dampen the noise had actually made it worse.

The case was rejected, and the moaning neighbour was ordered to pay €1,000 to the circuit owners. But NIMBY types aren’t such soft touches - they are strong social justice warriors who are always right. So, the neighbour took the battle to the court of appeal and the case was rejected again, and he was ordered to pay the circuit a further €5,000 to the circuit owners.

Speaking after the hearing, the complaining resident, Jacques Fortinon said:

“5,000 euros in Agen plus 1,000 euros in Auch, I have 6,000 euros to pay… It is not finished. There, we were in civil matters and indeed, the court ruled that my action was time-barred based on article 544 of the Environmental Code, giving a period of 5 years. In Albi, the police court condemned the Sequestral circuit, basing its decision on the Health Code. The basic question I ask: do they need to make noise to make speed? I am not against the circuit, I am so that everyone can live in peace and tranquility. "

Ahh, bless him!

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