Pensioner's 'priceless' stolen bike goes viral

120,000 users join campaign to make vintage Honda 'too hot to handle'

THE hunt for a pensioner’s vintage bike has gone viral after it was stolen over the bank holiday weekend.

Over 120,000 people have shared the photo of Terry O’Brien’s 1960s Honda C110 on Facebook after they were asked to make it 'too hot to handle'.

His daughter, Angela Wesley-Dicken, is leading the campaign to recover her dad’s cherished moped. She said: 'It has great sentimental value and is priceless in his eyes and cannot be replaced.'

Incredibly the sporty 50cc ‘Super Cub’ only has two miles on the clock and would be prized by collectors. The red and silver bike carries the distinctive registration plate ‘TOB123B’.

Mrs Wesley-Dicken is confident the enormous social media response will lead to its recovery and cheer up her 'gutted' father. 

She added: 'Totally overwhelmed by all the shares. Please don’t stop, keep them going. We will get the bike back. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for everyone’s support, I have had messages of good luck from all over the country.'

The bike was stolen from the Blackburn area but could now be anywhere in the UK so keep your eyes peeled for this rare bike.

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