Pastrana makes world's first floating ramp jump

Stunt superking takes freestyle to the next level with his amazing jump in Costa Rica

70mph across the water

Pastrana hits the take-off ramp - just

The bloke's a nutter!

FORGET MASSIVE jumps off huge dirt ramps or riding for miles and miles
across huge desert plains – the next generation of adrenaline-chasing motocross
freestylers have found their latest hit – riding dirt bikes across water and
jumping off massive floating ramps.

Travis Pastrana, the first person to pull off the double backflip on a
motorcycle, came up with the idea and has pulled it off – with a massive jump off
a floating ramp in the crater of a volcano in Costa Rica.

The stunt was pulled off for the next movie in the ‘Nitro Circus’ film
series and has been in the pipeline for the past four years. While the conditions
were far from ideal, with choppy waters causing problems when the riders
were hydro-planning the bikes (riding them across the top of the water at full
pelt on standard tyres and without additional floatation devices). Pastrana
still managed the 70mph needed to keep the bike on top of the water. He said:

"This is one of the most dangerous jumps I have ever made. If I had failed to
get into the lake at the proper speed I could have ended up hitting the ramp
really hard."

The floating ramp was set 105 feet off the water’s edge as Pastrana made the
run at 70mph across the five foot deep water at Lake Coter and pulled off
the world’s first ever jump off a floating water ramp.
Amazingly, nobody was hurt – you can see the jump featured in the ‘Nitro
Circus 6’ film due to be released this November.