Outlaw motorcycle gangs turn resort into Costa Del Crime!

Outlaw motorcycle gangs have been linked to a crime wave in the Spanish holiday resort of the Costa del Sol

SPANISH police believe that a European-wide crackdown on motorcycle gangs has helped to cause a crime wave in Spain’s popular Costa Del Sol holiday region.

The region in southern Spain is more used to having to deal with the threat of Eastern European South American crime gangs, but police are now having to deal with the threat of outlaw motorcycle gangs that have moved into the area.

The Costa Del Sol includes popular holiday destinations like Malaga, Torremolinos and Marbella

The influx of gangs has occurred after courts in Northern Europe banned the likes of the Hells Angels and the Bandidos, forcing some members to create breakaway chapters on the sunny south coast of Spain.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the inspector in charge of policing in the area claims that the emergence of the gangs is behind a string of more violent and organised crime involving such groups in Spain.

They added that it could go some way to explaining a recent spike in murders within the Costa del Sol, as more groups battle for their slice of the action.

“The Costa del Sol has long been a favoured destination for Serbian, Russia, Italian and Colombian mafias, because of its quality of life and the amount of money on display; rich criminals can go unnoticed,” said the inspector, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“But we have seen an increase in tension between criminal organisations in the area over the past year. And the other organisations already settled in Spain will have something to say about this new element.”

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