Custom bike builder gets primetime BBC TV show

Speedshop on BBC2 follows Titch Cormack as he takes on a series of mechanical challenges to create stunning machines out of wrecked vehicles

Titch Cormack Speedshop

BBC2’s Sunday night schedule has gained a new show for petrolheads in the form of Speedshop! The show that follows ex-special forces custom bike builder, Titch Cormack, as he takes on a series of challenges. The tasks range from building a one-off motorcycle for a wounded serviceman, to creating a one-off surf wagon out of a decrepit Hillman Minx.

In one episode, Titch gets a visit from a parachute regiment soldier Chris, who just a few weeks earlier had his right leg amputated. He asks for the team to build him a specially adapted motorcycle capable of taking on a challenging off-road ride. The challenge is Chris’ attempt to prove to himself that 'he can still be the man he used to be' and that his new amputation won’t hold him back.

In his special forces unit, one of Titch’s specialties was mobility, which is getting almost any type of vehicle through almost any type of environment. Always happy to help out a fellow soldier, Titch agrees to take Chris on his challenging ride, following in the footsteps of one of history’s greatest generals, Hannibal, across the Alps.

Titch left a 10-year career in UK special forces (Special Boat Service) to follow his dream - designing, building and selling custom vintage motorcycles.

In 2016, he converted a waterfront derelict former shellfish processing plant into his vintage workshop, using reclaimed and upcycled materials to create what he describes as a 'souped-up man-cave', where he now builds his unique creations.

Titch is joined by his team - Billy, a mechanic and ex-tank regiment commander, who suffered life-changing injuries following an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and Martin, a heavily tattooed-hippy – and paint and fibreglass specialist.

Speedshop airs on January 12th on BBC2 and catch-up services.