Order an RC213V-S from today, for €200,000

Form an orderly queue... Honda is taking orders for its RC213V-S, at a confirmed price of €200,000

ORDERS are being taken from today for Honda's road-going MotoGP bike at a confirmed price of €200,000 (£142,000).

The microsite for the RC213V-S is now offering potential customers until September 30 to declare their interest.

In an unusual move Honda is charging UK customers in Euros because it says it will help to 'deal with fluctuations in the market making the bike more expensive in certain markets at certain times'.

Filling in the order form and having the cash still won't guarantee you an RC213V-S. Honda said the entry-form only applies for a 'consultation' and that 'the order will only be officially confirmed after the designated procedures have been completed.'

The road-going version of Honda's championship-winning RC213V MotoGP bike makes 159hp in street-legal form, 21hp less than the Honda Fireblade, which costs £12,199 on the road with no need to pay in Euros.

An optional track-only kit pushes the RC213V-S' power to 215hp.

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