New Yamaha V-Max will launch on June 4 at 8pm CET

Yamaha's iconic V4 muscle bike will be revealed in just a few days

Yamaha V-Max ... new versus old

ACCORDING to’s Japanese factory insiders, the all-new Yamaha
V-Max will be launched to a waiting world in just over 12 days time.

The countdown has begun for a worldwide launch of the new musclebike all
over the web, a rolling countdown on the Yamaha Motor Europe website is playing
all coy and just counting down the days, hours and minutes but our men in
Japan say that the build up is all for the new Max.

The new V-Max prototype has been doing the rounds at major motorcycle shows
for the past 18 months – although only a full-scale model, the bike did show
the firm’s V4 Otodama motor which is widely expected to be at the heart of
the finished motorcycle.

Although the bike will be presented to journalists in Madrid at the same
time as it is launched on the website the bike won’t be able to be ridden until
around September with it expected in dealers Spring 2009.

To see the rolling countdown and bookmark the website so that you can see
the bike first, without having to wait for a rubbish CGI drawing in a weakly
paper (sic), go to: