New speed camera tech can catch you even if you slow down

A new kind of speed camera has been trialled in Spain that picks up vehicles long before and after reaching it

New speed camera tech can catch you even if you slow down

It’s a common way to deal with a speed camera - you spot it, brake, and speed up again once you’ve passed it. But thanks to a new kind of speed camera system, doing so might still land you with a fine through the post. 

The new setup has been trialled in the Navarra region of Spain, and since that test phase was reportedly successful, we could well see the cameras rolled out in the UK. It involves two additional radars to pick up vehicles anywhere up to a kilometre (0.62 miles) before and after the camera, so if you slow down for the camera and/or nail it again after, you may still get papped. 

Gary Digva, founder of speed camera detector manufacturer Road Angel, said this of a possible future UK rollout of such technology: 

“If introduced, these devices will catch and penalise more speeding motorists, encouraging more drivers to stick to legal limits and improve road safety.

"It comes after the news that one in four fatal collisions occur due to speeding on UK roads.

"This means that over 2,500 people are seriously injured every year due to excessive speeds.

"These shocking statistics alone should encourage motorists to think twice before speeding, yet it’s safe to say that the new technology will penalise even more motorists who are driving in excess of the legal limit, therefore helping to keep UK roads safer for all users.

“By capturing drivers who slam on the brakes before passing the fixed speed camera, as well as using technology to apprehend motorists who speed up again after the camera, the new radar devices will be able to penalise many more motorists than current systems.

"Although the fight goes on to reduce incidences of speeding on UK roads and accidents resulting from excess speed we believe introducing this new technology to the UK will help keep roads safer.”

Image via Vision Zero South West

Nothing’s confirmed yet, although the UK seems ready and willing to adopt new speed camera technology. For instance, bi-directional cameras (above) are now here and are proving very effective. Road safety partnership Vision Zero South West reported that in their first few days of operation, four of the new cameras picked up over 3,200 offences. 

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