New powers in force could land riders with fines of up to £160!

TfL has announced new powers have come into effect that could see those that stray into cycle lanes hit with £160 fines!

A cycle lane with a bicycle parked in it

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) has announced new powers that will see road users facing fines of up to £160 if they stray into the city’s designated cycle lanes.

The new powers, that came into force on Monday (June 27th), will affect all London boroughs and mean any privately owned vehicles straying into, or stopping in, a cycle lane will be given a Fixed Penalty Notice. The new powers also mean any vehicles spotted crossing the solid white line of a cycle lane, could also be fined.

The initial fine is set at £160, dropping to £80 if it is paid within 14-days of the incident. The move is being introduced to help improve bicycle riders’ safety and is hoped to increase the number of cyclists moving around London’s 32 boroughs.

While privately owned motor vehicles have always been banned from crossing the boundary of a cycle lane, previously it was only the police that could enforce the law. The change coming later this month means that will be handed to TfL, which will be using the existing CCTV network to monitor the cycle lanes.

Fines for using cycle lanes in London

The only vehicles that will not be fined for using the cycle lanes in London will be bicycles, hired e-scooters from official schemes, black cabs, and private hire taxis that are entering to pick up or drop off a fare.

Will Norman, London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner said:

“Making London's streets safer is our top priority. These new enforcement powers will deter motorists from infringing on crucial space specifically designated to keep cyclists safe and will help improve cyclist's confidence when getting around the capital.

“Enabling more Londoners to walk and cycle continues to be at the heart of the Mayor's vision to create a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable London for everyone - these new powers will play an important role in that.”

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