New DfT motorcycle strategy group gains support of NMC

A new motorcycle strategy group to be managed by the Department for Transport and the DVSA has gained the support of the National Motorcyclists Council.

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The UK’s National Motorcyclists Council has announced its support for a new motorcycle strategy group in the UK government. 

The group will be called the ‘Motorcycle Strategic Focus Group’ and will aim to view motorcycles in the context of wider government policy. This is especially important at this moment in time as the automotive industry as a whole prepares for a transition completely away from internal combustion engines and particularly fossil fuels. As this transition happens, recognising the differences between cars and motorcycles is important to ensure a fair treatment for motorcycles and motorcyclists, rather than them being subject to rules and regulations designed with mostly only cars in mind.

The strategy group will be managed by the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and its conception has already seen a positive response from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), who see it as a way to potentially revise and refine the motorcycle licencing system in the UK.

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) confirms that, “as part of a focus on developments affecting road safety, the Group will also consider the training and testing of riders.

NMC Executive Director, Craig Carey-Clinch, said: “This is a hugely positive and welcome step by the DfT and DVSA. It has been clear for some time that desired gains in safety are also linked to wider transport policies and how these impact on how motorcycling is treated in the transport eco system.

“Motorcycling is a dynamic part of society and transport. It is a transport alternative and source of leisure and lifestyle which is enjoyed by well over a million people today. It makes a positive contribution to society’s vitality, the environment, the economy, leisure, sport and heritage. 

“Motorcycles already contribute to a low carbon future and their use reduces traffic congestion and pollution. Safety is a key part of unlocking motorcycling’s societal benefits and we are delighted that there will also be a focus on how the training and testing regime should be evolved.”

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