2023 KTM Adventure Rally booking now open

The 2023 KTM Adventure Rally will take place in Norway in July, with Lillehammer as the host city and 150 spaces now available to be booked.

2023 KTM Adventure Rally logo. - KTM

KTM has announced its 2023 Adventure Rally which will take place in Norway in July, and booking is now open for the event. 

Beginning on 24 July and ending on 28 July, the 2023 KTM Adventure Rally will head to Norway for the event’s most northern location to date, after previously running in Italy, Bosnia, Greece and, most recently, France. 

Being more specific, Lillehammer will be the host city, with the (maximum) 150 riders being based out of the Kvitfjell Hotel, the rally will begin with the registration day on 24 July, and end with the departure day on 28 July, while 25-27 July will be the riding days. 

Fans of the Winter Olympics will recognise Lillehammer as the location for the 1994 games, while fans of Top Gear will recognise it as the location for the 2006 Winter Olympics Special.

However, a summer Lillehammer should present riders with less icy, wintery conditions.

The 150 participants will be split into four tour guide groups of 24, with the remaining 54 riders able to self-navigate “‘Rally style, thanks to GPS instructions,” KTM says. 

Each day of the rally will “feature dinner, music and entertainment as the KTM technical crew ensure the orange machinery is in fine fettle for the kilometres to come,” KTM says.

Further, KTM ambassadors such as Chris Birch will be around for instructions and assistance. 

There are no limits regarding skill or experience level, or even the model or category of motorcycle, as long as it is a KTM, meaning a touring novice with a KTM RC390 is as welcome as a touring veteran with a KTM 1290 Super Adventure R, for example.

Of course, with only 150 places available, booking is limited, but it is now open, as of 16:00 GMT on 28 February 2023. To book, visit the KTM Adventure Rally website.

This article was originally published on 23 December 2022, and has been updated on 28 February 2023 with the booking link.

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