New BMW S1000RR Superbike revealed!

BMW's 190bhp S1000RR Superbike will be raced in World Superbikes in 2009 and available in dealers in 2010 but price has yet to be confirmed

S1000RR ... BMW's new Superbike

You're looking at the world's first images of BMW's new Superbike, the S1000RR.

BMW will race this in World Superbikes in 2009. In order to meet homologation standards, 1000 bikes will be in dealers in December 2009 but that's just purely so that they can qualify to run them in WSB in 2009. The bike itself won't be available to us mere mortals to buy until 2010.

The target is 190kg with 190bhp for the road bike. It will come with a quickshifter, Ohlins front and rear, Brembo brakes and there's a lot of talk about the engine's head too; something is special about it, there's a possibility it contains pneumatic valves but BMW are being really cagey about it all.

BMW S1000RR ... racing in WSB 2009

BMW S1000RR ... for sale in BMW dealerships in 2010

BMW S1000RR ... the original concept drawing

BMW S1000RR ... click for the large gallery image

BMW S1000RR ... Price not yet announced

BMW S1000RR ... Model and helicopter not included