National Highways braces for 14 million trips over the bank holiday weekend

It’s set to be one of the busiest weekends as Brits grab a bank holiday weekend away so take care if you’re out and about

National Highways braces for 14 million trips over the bank holiday weekend

AS National Highways battens down the hatches in preparation for one of the busiest weekends for the UK road network, we look at ways you can avoid the carnage and stay safe this bank holiday weekend.

The RAC has published data that suggests that a massive 14 million will be getting away this weekend, with an estimated 3.1 million trips set to take place on Saturday alone. With that in mind, if you are planning to ride this weekend (fingers crossed for sunshine) we’ve come up with a few ways to try and avoid the crowds this weekend. 

How to stay safe and beat the traffic this bank holiday weekend

Steer clear of the major motorways if you can

With much of the traffic likely to clog up the UK’s motorway network, a simple way to stay away from the chaos is to not use the motorways at all this weekend. Granted, that isn’t always an option, but when the traffic is slow-moving (or stationary due to congestion) you might actually be better off scooting up the slip road and hitting the back roads.

Stay local

One way you could avoid the crowds is to plan a loop that sticks away from motorways and dual carriageways and instead uses the roads less travelled by you and all the cage dwellers. If you can link in a biker cafe halfway through it’s a bonus! For some inspiration for some amazing UK road trips, check out this article covering our favourite motorcycle ride-out routes.

Technology is your friend

There are a host of apps that can tell you the flow of traffic on the UK road network - Waze and Google Maps can both do this, although there is an app from the National Highways that gives up-to-date info on UK motorways and major roads too.

Be extra vigilant

Give other road users extra space, regardless of what type of road you are on. If a driver has a car full of screaming kids who are all busting for a pee, the chances are they are going to be a little more distracted than usual. Give them space and time to spot you.

Leave early, or possibly later in the day

There is obviously a golden hour to leave to go anywhere, a Goldilocks zone if you will. That stands for those heading out for a ride, or those heading away on holiday. With the mornings being fairly bright and warm from the early hours, one option could be pulling your weekend rideout to a slightly earlier start, so when you are heading home the worst of the traffic isn’t yet on the roads. 

The same could also be said for heading out in the twilight of the early evening - although this does put you at risk of meeting a traveller who is running late and rushing to get to their destination. Not ideal!

Do something else that doesn’t involve riding the bike

While riding out on a bank holiday is always a bonus, the weather isn’t always guaranteed and the traffic is usually quite high. Not heading out for a ride doesn’t mean your weekend has to be totally devoid of two wheels though. You could give your bike a thorough clean, tackle that maintenance job you’ve been putting off for weeks, or drag that unfinished project out of the shadows and finally make a start on it!

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