Need a weekend destination? Here’s the top 20 biker cafe spots in the UK!

Inspired by the Triumph ‘Ride Out to Help Out’ campaign, we have a quick look to find out where the Nation’s best biker cafe is…

Bike Shed biker cafe

It’s been a tough year-and-a-bit for most of us, locked away and not really able to get out and about as much as we’d all like. But it’s been exceptionally tough for your local biker cafe, whose entire trade arguably hinges on the reliance of us two-wheeled dropping by to visit for a hot beverage and cake of choice. 

Some would say that’s primarily the reason they continue riding, all for a sweet treat and a place to chat about bikes with fellow riders!

You may have seen the revitalising campaign launched by Triumph recently, titled their ‘Ride Out to Help Out’ effort - with its very own webpage for finding and nominating the best biker spots in the UK. 

Above picture is from Baffle Haus in South Wales, we stopped by on our Triumph Tiger 900 Land's End to John o'Groats journey!

A valiant effort indeed, and it’s great to show support for our local jaunts - and if you’d like to find out more have a look at the article for links to the site and more info. 

There’s also other groups and pages that do the same, and have arguably been at it for a touch longer - for instance the Facebook page UK Biker Cafes, which has a handy Top 20 list that’s voted for by members of the group. 

Have a look at the list below, and see if your favourite is there: 

If you’re a fairweather rider - and there’s nothing wrong with that at all - you’ll have noticed the nights getting longer recently, with the temperature getting a bit more ‘fresh’ every time you step out the door with helmet and gloves in hand. 

There are precious few ‘nice’ weekends left this year, so how about rounding up your pals and visiting as many of the local cafes as you can before you put the bike away until next year. You won’t just be finding new destinations and new roads on the way, you’ll be helping out the cafes that arguably fuel our two-wheeled addiction!

Safe riding, and tag us on Facebook if you find any exceptional spots.

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