NASA adopts Rossi's lid as new time standard

Scientists realise they can set their atomic clocks by the arrival of flashy new yellow AGVs

Rossi - new lid for Qatar 2018

In a discovery which will rock physics, Nasa is throwing all its caesium atomic clocks in a big skip, after it discovered a far more accurate method of measuring time. The vibrations of caesium-133 atoms are accurate to 1 second in 138 million years. But the appearance of a new Valentino Rossi helmet paint job at the first MotoGP race of the year has been mathematically proven to be more than twice as accurate.

And, bang on time, we've just received pics of the 2018 Rossi lid for Qatar. It's an AGV PIsta R of course, the top-end lid from the Italian firm, and the design is by Aldo Drudi, again, as usual. The design is a little simpler than we've seen before - large blocks of black and yellow, with a subtle Soleluna 'sun and moon' vibe, plus a little golden Yamaha logo on top. Bless.

If the design proves popular, we might get a road-going replica to buy in the future. But we'll see it again anyway, when Elon Musk paints one of his big rockets in this colour scheme, to celebrate the new science-y time standard.

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