Ducati announces £45m profit for 2017

Ducati coins it in despite Lorenzo's wage bill

ducati, $34m, profit, 2017

Ducati has this morning announced it made a whopping £45m profit during 2017 despite having to pay Jorge Lorenzo a king's ransom to not do very well.

Almost 59,000 motorcycles were delivered to customers all over the world (+0.8 per cent up on 2016), despite the global market for motorcycles bigger than 500 cc actually shrinking by 3.5per cent. By the end of 2017 turnover had reached £653 million, representing another step forward in a growth trend that has seen sales increase by nearly 30 per cent over the last five years.

“This strong performance confirms the soundness of the product development strategy undertaken in recent years," stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati. “In 2017 we laid the foundations for further, future development of the company. We launched seven new models on the market. Furthermore, we presented the Panigale V4, the first Ducati factory bike to mount a four-cylinder engine, the outcome of the biggest investment Ducati has ever channelled into a single product. 

"2017 also saw further development of the Scrambler range. At EICMA the Scrambler brand presented the first completely new bike since its founding: the Scrambler 1100, which adds an all-new dimension to the Ducati Scrambler world by injecting big-bike technology, performance and ultra-high quality finishing.”