Move house on your scooter

...with Lit Motors' 'pick-up truck on two wheels'

HERE'S a scooter that will carry a bit more than a full-face helmet in its luggage compartment.

LitMotors' Kubo has a 22” cube-shaped (hence the name) cargo space in front of the rider, typically where the tank and engine would be on a normal motorcycle. It can carry a total load of 136kg including the rider and the company has coined it “a pick-up truck on two wheels”.

The Kubo has been designed to keep the centre-of-gravity as low as possible, even when carrying heavy loads. The luggage area has a rubber floor and hooks for cargo nets to hold items in place.

The Kubo is powered by a 3kW hub-mounted electric motor, providing a 45mph top speed and a 50-mile range. It charges from a normal wall socket.

San Francisco-based Lit Motors is seeking funding to put the Kubo into full-scale production.