Motorcyclists are more attractive than car drivers

But we knew that anyway, right?
Motorcyclists are more attractive than car drivers

THE results of a new research study have finally validated what we all know to be true: we’re more attractive than car drivers.

The study, by Carole Nash, asked over 1000 adults to rate the looks of the opposite sex when dressed in normal attire and riding kit.

The aim of the experiment was to try and chance perceptions of motorcyclists and overturn any negative stereotypes.

It’s not just levels of attractiveness which came out in our favour because we’re also seen to have positive personality traits - people who own a motorbike are viewed as adventurous by a third of the opposite sex (34%), closely followed by daring (28%) and fun (26%).

The research also revealed that one in four blokes would pretend they owned a motorbike to impress a woman and almost a third (31%) said they’d go the whole way and learn to ride one if they knew it would impress a potential partner.

In five out of six cases, members of the public dressed as motorcyclists were voted as more desirable than when dressed as drivers and when it comes to attractiveness, 25 to 34-year-olds are most likely to find a rider easier on the eye (23%) compared to 10% of 55 to 64-year-olds.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said:

‘It’s great that Carole Nash is putting a positive focus on biking and bikers with this study. Its research on bikers’ road knowledge last year was very thought-provoking and led to the development of a great policy offering by them – which I believe contributed towards some prestigious awards and commendations.

‘Even though this research is light-hearted, it does help to position bikers in a positive light and challenges outdated stereotypes, giving weight to our cause to get more people out onto motorcycles and scooters.’