Motorcycling makes you happy: fact

Nationwide survey lets out the little secret we've all known for ages

MOTORCYCLING has topped a nationwide poll on happiness.

The survey of 1514 people from across the UK, conducted by leading survey organisation ICM on behalf of Garderners' World, set out to find out what hobbies make people happy.

When asked the question: "How satisfied are you with your life nowadays?", Motorcycling received the most amount of 'strong positive' responses, ahead of Fishing with the second largest number of responses and Running, Swimming, Driving and Camping which had the third largest number of responses.

When asked the question: "To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?" Motorcycling again received the most amount of 'strong positive' responses, ranking higher than Camping and Fishing. Of all the hobbies listed, Cycling received the lowest amount of 'strong positive' results in this question.

Motorcycling also ranked highly in the survey's 'Wellbeing Index' which showed motorcycling as having the largest number of responses in the 'strong positive' category.

The survey also showed that 69% of people said that their outdoor hobby makes them happy, compared to 31% indoor.

Those without any hobbies consistently ranked lower in the survey results than any other hobby listed. So if you don't have a hobby, the answer is simple: get on two wheels!