Motorcycling is LESS dangerous than horse riding and skiing, study finds

It turns out horse riding and skiing are more likely to land you in hospital needing treatment than getting out on your motorcycle...

Napoleon on a Suzuki

You’ll be familiar with numerous headlines in assorted tabloid newspapers touting the danger, menace and nuisance of motorcycling but - finally - a study has revealed that riding actually isn’t as dangerous as other less regulated pastimes.

A study by the US National Trauma Data Bank - which sounds like both an interesting and depressing place to work - has grouped the reasons as to why US people have landed in hospital to be treated for injuries.

It found that motorcycling - though of course still a pursuit that requires awareness and responsible safety practice - isn’t as dangerous statistically as other activities that don’t require so much training or form a major slice of the tourism industry, such as skiing.

Motorcycling injuries accounted for 0.14 out of 1000 hours of riding. By contrast, horse riding has 0.49 injuries during that timeframe, with 37 per cent of those requiring care for trauma to the thoracic region (chest and upper back area) and a fifth suffering a head injury.

A quarter of those would go on to require intensive care, plus one in ten needing surgery.

Of course this isn’t licence to do anything but uphold those safety standards on a motorcycle and, as many of you will know, it’s still a shock and thump at least when body makes contact with the road, but maybe - just maybe - biking shouldn’t leave insurers licking their lips quite so readily when it comes to hitting the ‘+’ on those premiums!

Chance would be a fine thing...

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