Motorcycles rated least stressful vehicle for commute

Commuters rate motorcycling less stressful than getting to work by car, bus, train or bicycle

Motorcycles rated least stressful vehicle for commute

TRAVELLING to work by motorcycle is less stressful than by any other vehicle, according to the results of a new survey.

The study of 2,000 UK commuters asked ‘Which methods of commuting do you think are most stressful?’ from a list of ways to get to work.

Cars scored 41%, buses 37%, trains 35%, the underground 26%, cycling 8% and motorcycling just 6%.

The survey, commissioned by motorcycle insurance specialists Lexham, also found the average British commuter will spend over £48,000 in their lifetime just getting to work.

A spokesperson said: ‘Taking a motorbike was one of the lowest scoring in terms of stress,’ adding: ‘The results showed that riding a motorbike was six times less stressful than driving a car.’

Of course we could have told them that and saved them some bother.