Incredible police footage shows phone-snatching thief riding scooter wrong way up motorway

Pair jailed after 18 phone thefts in an afternoon followed by this

Incredible police footage shows phone-snatching thief riding scooter wrong way up motorway

TWO thieves who snatched 18 mobile phones on a scooter which was then used in a high-speed chase the wrong way up a motorway have been jailed.

In a single afternoon Zuriel Hutson, 21, and Sharuk Sheraji, 22, snatched 10 phones from pedestrians in Westminster, three in Camden, two in Islington, two in Hackney and one in Towers Hamlets.

A further snatch attempt in Westminster on the same afternoon of November 26 last year was unsuccessful.

Officers from a special Metropolitan Police response team to ‘moped-enabled snatch offences’ were mobilised along with a helicopter, and spotted the scooter being ridden dangerously in Whitehall Street, Tottenham.

Sheraji, of Sebastion House, Hoxton Street, Hackney, jumped off the scooter and attempted to flee on foot but was caught by officers and arrested in possession of the 18 snatched phones.

Hutson, of Crowfield House, Highbury New Park, fled on the scooter, which was also stolen.

Pursued by the helicopter, Hutson took the North Circular followed by M11, where he rode on the wrong side of the carriageway and reached speeds of up to 90mph.

Incredible footage released by the force shows Hutton weaving between oncoming cars and attempting to squeeze between one in the fast lane and one in the middle lane.

Instead Hutton clipped one of them and crashed, losing his shoes as he rolled along the carriageway.

Nevertheless he got up, restarted the scooter and continued, this time heading the wrong way up the hard shoulder.  

Police were forced to close part of the M11 to prevent further danger to motorists and deployed a 'stinger' tyre deflation device to stop him.

According to the force the device safely slowed him down and eventually stopped him on the slip road of the M11 to the M25.

He then attempted to flee bare-footed but was caught and arrested on suspicion of robbery, failing to stop, dangerous driving, attempting to drive away and no insurance.

The pair were sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday March 31, Hutson to two-and-a-half years’ imprisonment and Sheraji to two years.

Hutson had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal, dangerous driving and breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order at Wood Green Crown Court on 31 January.

Sheraji had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order at Wood Green Crown Court on February 9.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Heatley said: "This was a good result, which has seen two perpetrators of audacious thefts receive a robust judicial outcome with time in jail. The convictions and sentences should send out a strong message that such incidents will be dealt with robustly by the Met and the courts.

"Police are working hard to keep the public safe and make the streets hostile territory for criminals who use mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles to snatch valuables from members of the public.

"Both defendants, Hutson in particular, could have caused serious injury to the victims, the public, other motorists and themselves, in their callous execution of their crimes and attempts to evade justice. They had no regard for anyone but themselves.

"These offenders relied on the unwariness of the public to snatch their phones whilst they made calls so it is imperative that the public are aware of their surroundings at all times and keep their phones secure at all times as this crime happens in an instant."

The news comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's son Tommy revealed on Facebook that his phone had been snatched by a scooter-riding thief as walked home in his father's Islington North constituency.