Motorcycles are better for brain and body health – here’s the proof!

A recent study by the Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour has shown that motorcyclists are less stressed than car drivers

A study conducted by the Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour (INHB) has concluded that motorcyclists are less stressed and more fulfilled than their four-wheeled counterparts.

The study originally set about trying to find out if bikers were constantly riding in fear of being involved in an accident, but inadvertently proved the opposite! The results centre around a certain hormone called cortisol that is released in the brain when we become anxious. Scientists found that bikers would produce 28% less cortisol during testing than drivers on the same course.

The study was conducted by INHB in a controlled manner, with 50 motorcyclists and 50 car drivers making their way around a closed course for 20-minutes. During this time, the team measured the user’s heart rate, cortisol, and adrenaline levels. The user’s brain activity and it’s here where the most interesting results came from.

The results found that when riding, the subjects experienced increased sensory focus and resilience to distraction. Riding also produced an increase in adrenaline levels and heart rate, and a decrease in cortisol levels—the kind of results you often get after a light exercise session, which also is a stress reducer.

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Are motorcycles better for you physically?

The news regarding the mental well-being of motorcyclists goes hand in hand with a study that found that riding a motorcycle can burn anywhere between 170-600 calories an hour. As much as some people can burn in an hour at the gym.

So, there we have it, motorcycles really are good for your body and mind!


I love to ride motorcycles. It is my favorite vehicle. The details are clearly mentioning that the motorcycles are better for the brain and the health of a person. It is less stressed to drive. The motorcycles are more easy to drive, that is what the study indicates.

I think you’ve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did.

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