Moto Guzzi V7 Classic - First Pictures

Italian manufacturer launches new retro-look V7 roadster

Guzzi's new V7 Classic - we like it, do you?

MOTO GUZZI has just launched its new V7 Classic, a motorcycle that apes the
classic Italian marque’s grand old days of the 1960s.

Using the Breva motor the V7 is said to be styled like the original bike
that in 1967 was a landmark model for the factory.
The first model was 703cc and came with red paint and silver panels with
acres of chromed parts. In 1969 it turned into the V7 Special with increased
capacity up to 750 cc.

The V7 Classic of 2008 copies the old bike faithfully including the famous
petrol tank shape from the factory’s 1974 V7 Sport.
The bike is being sold with a promotional price of Euro 7,990 for the first
three weeks of May, after that the price will be Euro 8,300.

We like it, it’s properly cool enough to get our collective juices

The V7 Classic uses the same motor as the Breva

Expect the V7 to retail at just over £7500