Moto Guzzi rider issued with 383mph speeding ticket

Italian Police blame bungled paperwork over bizarre speeding fine

AN ITALIAN motorcycle rider has been charged with speeding at 383mph on an unfaired Moto Guzzi.

Paolo Turina, 26, is appealing against the charge, claiming the speed camera must have been defective. He is also disputing the £200 fine Police have issued the not-so-speedy Italian.

"If I could go that fast I'd enter my bike in the MotoGP world championships. Valentino Rossi would not stand a chance. What did they think they were clocking - a jet fighter?" said Mr Turina.

"If the court rules the fine will stand then I'm going to send it to the Guinness Book of Records - after all if the court says its true then I should get the credit for this remarkable feat."

Turina's Moto Guzzi has an estimated top speed of around 115mph.

Italian Police have said they suspect a clerical error is to blame for the botched charge.

The appeal court has not yet made a decision on the case.