Moped gang jailed for total of 67 years

Police claim that scooter crime has been halved since their arrest!

Moped gang jailed for total of 67 years

BRITAIN’S most prolific moped gang has been jailed for a total of 67 years, police also claim that the scooter crime wave has halved since the gang were arrested. The gang share a rap sheet containing 400 offences between them and were sentenced after committing a series of raids including one audacious attempt to steal a £180,000 BBC camera from a bridge during a sporting event.

Passing sentences was Judge Georgina Kent who said: “The motorbike helmets and clothing, often all in black, were an effective disguise and created an intimidating appearance. The motorbikes provided a quick getaway.

"Many of these offences were committed in public view because you were confident you could get away with it."

Aside from high-profile cases, the gang also terrorised innocent members of the public. In one such case, Pheobe Ruele was walking with her child when one of the gang grabbed her and threatened to hurt her child if she didn’t hand over her jewellery.

Other offences included ram-raiding Altimus Ltd (outdoor clothing store) in High Street Kensington twice and assaulting a security guard who had been hired to protect the same store.

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