Motorcycle accidents reduce by 5% but serious incidents are still high

Statistics show an overall decrease in motorcycle accidents but still a worrying number that relate to serious or fatal collisions

Motorcycle accidents reduce by 5% but serious incidents are still high

THIS article might come across as a bit morbid, but it’s not meant to scare you – promise. It’s just a little reminder to take care, expect the unexpected, and keep the racing to the track. You can still have fun on a bike without doing a million miles per hour and taking silly risks - smooth efficiency is the key. 

On a positive note, since 2016 across the UK motorcycle accidents have decreased by 5% but sadly 1 out of 3 of all accidents were serious or fatal. Clearly, all road users including bikers themselves need to act in a way to help reduce this shocking statistic.

2017 Accident statistics at a glance

  • Total accidents fell by 5% compared to 2016
  • 92% of crash victims are male, and 37% of these people are aged 25 and under
  • Sunday is the day when most fatal crashes occur with most bikes being 500cc +
  • 83% of accidents took place in fine weather conditions
  • 58% of all accidents claims occur on 50-125cc motorcycles

Location, location, location

If you live outside of London, lucky you, as nine out of ten of Britains most dangerous roads are located within the capital with the A483 in Powys, Wales being the tenth.

So, without further ado, the most dangerous roads in the UK are:

  • Lambeth A23
  • Brent A404
  • Hackney A10
  • Islington A501
  • Hackney A107
  • Tower Hamlets A13
  • Powys A483
  • Islington A1
  • Wandsworth A3
  • Wandsworth A3205

However, nationwide there are plenty of other roads which catch bikers out, including:

  • Scotland A82
  • North West A57
  • North East A194
  • West Midlands A4040
  • Yorkshire Humber A62
  • South East A259
  • Link to Interactive map


From the data, it’s clear that A roads are the most dangerous roads to bikers, but why? Yes, higher speed limits and denser traffic plays a part in increasing risk but there must be other reasons. Is the training provided to motorcyclists and drivers alike insufficient on such roads? Are the roads poorly designed and maintained? I can’t say for all roads, but perhaps you could help us build a better picture as to why A roads are bikers Kryptonite.

If you ride on any of these roads and would like to contribute to the conversation, be sure to leave a comment below.

All data collected from Swinton Insurance based on GOV.UK data.

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