Millions urged to 'Think once, think twice, think bike!'

Classic 1970s safety ad slogan revived. No angry bloke in a turtleneck this time

Millions urged to 'Think once, think twice, think bike!'

MILLIONS of drivers will be urged to put stickers on their mirrors reminding them to look out for motorcyclists and cyclists in an AA campaign. 

The motoring group has revived a slogan from a 1970's public information film by calling it's safety campaign 'Think once, think twice, think bike.'

So far a million stickers have been printed and will be given out free at Halfords stores and by police.

Drivers are advised to place one showing a cyclist in a warning triangle on their left-hand wing mirror and another featuring a motorcyclist on their right-hand mirror. 

Road tests have been conducted to establish the stickers do not obscure drivers' view. 

The campaign will be formally launched tomorrow, with backing from cycling groups and the Motorcycle Industry Association.

The AA’s chief executive Chris Jansen told The Times: “This is something that we care about because, when you take the emotion out of it, it is about lives and 25% of deaths on the roads are unfortunately the deaths of people on two wheels.”

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