Police puncture unlocked motorcycles’ tyres

Pakistani police take parking matters into their own hands

A GROUP of three police officers have punctured unlocked motorcycles’ tyres in a bid to pressurise owners to lock them up.

The officers of the Boat Basin police station in Karachi, Pakistan, punctured the tyres of around 100 motorcycles that were parked up at Dolmen City Mall.

They claimed the act would serve as punishment for leaving their motorcycles unlocked, in an attempt to avert vehicle theft.

Owners of the motorcycles became aware of the vandalism when they met outside the Mall for a routine drill.

Nashit Munshi, whose offices are located inside the Mall, said: “We came to know that most of the motorcycles in the parking lot had been punctured when we left our office building during a fire drill

Munshi explained the police also removed the tyre valves, meaning the commuters couldn’t refill their tyres with air.

Onlookers claimed that a car had been stolen from the parking area only a few days before, so the police came up with the idea to pressurise motorcycle owners to lock their vehicles properly.

Munshi, quoting the police, said: “They said that people complained when their motorcycles are stolen so they did this to ours.

“It is unfair to puncture a vehicle to avert theft. Next time, the police will take away our household objects to avert robberies. They will say they did this because we did not lock our gates.” Munshi added that he will challenge the ‘unlawful act’ in court.

Omar Khan, whose offices are also in the Mall, agreed saying: “If someone doesn’t think it necessary to lock his motorcycle, you can’t force him to do so.

“What will the people do when they leave the office at 8pm and find that their bikes have been punctured?”

When contacted, Clifton police Assistant Super Intendant Abadit Nisar said he wasn’t aware of the matter but would inquire into it. 

There is no such law to puncture a vehicle even if it is parked in a no-parking zone. The police can fine the driver and tow the vehicle away.” Said Nisar.

He added that the officers should have discussed the matter with the parking administration because it was their responsibility.